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Buddy Bear-Auction at the Children's Charity Gala in Osnabrück

On Saturday evening the second Osnabrücker "Kindergala" took place. 250 guests had followed the invitation of child ambassador and donor John McGurk and Zoo Osnabrück and had purchased tickets for the gala.

At the festive event in the Alando Ballhaus, charity awards were presented in the categories regional, national and international.

Representatives of the SOS Children's Villages received a donation check for 35,000 Euros. In addition, an auction took place, in which two 1 m large Buddy Bears each brought in 4,200 Euros.

Overall, the auction raised more than 25,000 Euros. The yield of the Gala is firstly a help to the foundation "Future for Children" and secondly to the Zoo Osnabrück.


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