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A Buddy Bear as a bridge between Germany and Afghanistan

Today we received the following lines from the German Embassy in Kabul:

The cityscape of Kabul is characterized by gray concrete walls - they remind the inhabitants daily of the tense security situation and the many attacks. Transforming these walls into something that connects, giving people the opportunity to express themselves through art and to process traumas while at the same time embellishing the cityscape - that is what the artist group ArtLords realize with their projects. Now the ArtLords have embellished the Buddy Bear of the German Embassy Kabul.

The Kabul Buddy Bear remained white for a long time - also because of the attack that hit the German Embassy in May 2017. Now the "Ambassador of Berlin" works as a bridge between Germany and Afghanistan, serving as a canvas for a modern interpretation of Persian calligraphy and miniature art in the style of Herat-born master Kamal Uddin Behzad of the Safavid era. At the same time, the bear is also a symbol of Afghanistan's impressive cultural heritage and of the over 100-year friendship between Germany and Afghanistan.

We wish a lot of success and all the best!


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