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United Buddy Bears

I recently volunteered for UNICEF at the United Buddy Bears event in Sydney down by the Rocks. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out there is a photo gallery so go and have a look! Buddy Bears is an event that travels the world with these two meter high bears, one for each country in the United Nations. Each bear is originally painted by an artist in that country. The event is meant to spread good will and tolerance between countries and raise money for the struggling countries that UNICEF is currently involved in. The tour started in Berlin then made it to Seoul, Tokyo and Sydney. Sydney was the last stop on the tour and the buddy bears from the four countries the tour stopped in were auctioned off beginning at 5,000 dollars each!

It was a beautiful day out when I volunteered and the other workers were very kind. This event was not on the UNICEF website when I was searching for a volunteer job so I contacted UNICEF Australia by email and it turned out there was a spot for me! My job for the day was pretty simple, I manned a booth explaining what the bears were all about, handing out information and hosting a coloring competition for the kids to win some cool prizes. I even got to meet the woman who came up with the whole idea of Buddy Bears which was pretty cool!

The whole experience made me realize how easy it is to get out there and do something. I only did a small action but it felt nice and I enjoyed it! Also, it made me want to do even more. After the buddy bear event, I was offered to be in a fashion week gig for fundraising which would be tons of fun! I’m definitely going to keep volunteering in my home town when I go back to the States in a couple weeks.


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