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Nigel bears all for Seychelles in Berlin…

LOCAL artist Nigel Henri leaves Seychelles later this month bound for Berlin, Germany where he will be painting a Seychelles bear (the bear is the city's logo and mascot) along with over 180 other artists from all over the world.

Mr. Henri was presented with his airline ticket last week by Mr. Peter Maeschig, a frequent visitor to the Seychelles since 1971.

Mr. Maeschig who is sponsoring Mr. Henri's trip remarked that all the bears will be of the same size regardless of the size of the country. Speaking to POTPOURRI Mr. Henri confirmed that he will be making the most of this opportunity to promote Seychelles and our tourism during his 10 days in Berlin.

"I will be painting fifteen stamps on the bear and all the stamps will be either about our flora, fauna and other aspects like eco-tourism, island hopping and others. All the stamps will have a description of what they represent. I will definitely be using my own style which is mostly graphics. The most important thing is that whatever I paint on my bear should depict something about my country. At a first glance the public should be able to recognize that it is the Seychelles bear. It's the same like when someone sees a bear with the Eiffel Tower they immediately know it must be from France. "

The exhibition of the bears will last for six months and the paintings will later be auctioned to raise funds for UNICEF.


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