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Nigel Henry to take part in unusual Berlin exhibition

Painter Nigel Henry has been chosen to represent Seychelles in an unusual exhibition, to be held in Berlin, Germany, in June. It will be a show case for the participating artists, and also for their countries, with the intention of promoting understanding and goodwill among the peoples of the world.

As many as 184 artists from countries with an accredited embassy in Germany have been invited to participate in this unique event. They will all paint features relevant to their respective countries on tall buddy bears, the emblem of Berlin. These bears will be placed hand in hand in a large circle of 80 metres in diameter at Schinkel Platz in front of the Federal Foreign Office in Germany. They will stand there for six months as a statement for a more friendly and peaceful world. Berliners as well as visitors from all over the world will be invited to view these paintings and discover something about the different countries that participated. After that, the bears will be presented to the artists to do what they like with, and that includes bringing them back horne.

The exhibition has been initiated by the Mayor of Berlin in collaboration with the Federal Foreign Office in Germany. Peter Maeschig, one of a team of 20 representatives for the project worldwide, is presently in the country coordinating Seychellois participation in the display. A frequent visitor here since 1971 and a lover of the arts, Mr Maeschig is also personally financing Nigel's trip to Berlin in June.

For his part, Nigel finds the opportunity too good to miss. It may be the biggest exhibition he will ever take part in and he intends making the most of it. He intends illustrating the beauty of Seychelles through scenes such as Victoria market, the coco-de- mer, typical landscapes and views. Any person interested in knowing more about the project can do so on the website for the event, at



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