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expand Artist: Napoleon Tiron und Stefan Tiron
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Romania was strongly influenced by the migration of the peoples, but even before - in the Neolithic and Paleolithic times - some cultures had influenced Romania, like the Cucuteni-Tripoljie.
Back then, just as today, the spiral was seen as the universal symbol of life, for this, the colour red was always used as a sign of eternal life. Black was used to symbolize the cycle of nature.
The cave bear (Ursus peleus) was regarded as a symbol of life in the Paleolithic in the Carpathians. There, the skulls of bears found in various positions within the caves are evident of the first traces of cultural life whatsoever.
Various red, metallic substances were used as burial elements. Together with the wolf and the eagle, the bear later became part of the legendary Triade.
Napoleon Tiron und Stefan Tiron

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