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In order to showcase the beauty and variety of the traditional folklore in Guatemala, the bear is decorated in typical Guatemalan clothing, so that the viewer can become acquainted with the old but still popular Guatemalan textile art.

Looking at the native costumes one can see the Maya tradition as well as the influence of the Spanish conquistadores, in the method of production, just as in design and materials used.

The traditional costumes vary depending on region, social class, occupation and the occasion for which they are used. Next to the article of clothing intended for daily use, there is also clothing for religious and otherwise important social occasions which often consists of impressive materials with additional ornaments.

The "huipil" (blouse), the skirt, the sash (belt), and the "tzute" (cloth with many uses) and the "tocado" (hairpiece) are all elements of the way in which a Guatemalan Indian woman traditionally dresses.

In this case, the Bearess is wearing a "tocado" which is worn during festivities in Chajul, a place in the northeast of Guatemala.

Mónica Luza

Sponsor: Honorarkonsul der Republik Guatemala, Otto Eckart

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