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Burkina Faso

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"Poko" (in Moore, this means "woman") - Mother of the Nation
"Poko" is a common name for women of the Moose people in Burkina Faso. This design of the "Buddy Bear" should pay homage to all of the women in the world, especially the rural woman of Burkina Faso. Her traditional clothing bears various symbols:
The "bird headscarf" has been renowned in the entire country ever since its independence. It is the symbol of freedom, peace and unity. The peace dove as a motif brings good news and connects the different ethnic groups with each other.
The T-Shirt with the national colours symbolizes the national identity within the company of other nations.
The indigo-coloured wrap-around cloth, coloured through the Batik technique, and the small cloth on the left shoulder are an expression of the traditional art and fashion; they have their place in a tolerant world.
The logo of the FESPACO(Festival Panafricain du Cinema de Ouagadougou) as the third eye and the mobile phone show that this country does indeed have a connection to the modern world, and is of great significance in the world of African film.
Jules Sandwidi
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