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The Art of Friendship: A Moroccan Buddy Bear

Oujda is not only the “Arab Capital of Culture 2018” but also the city of friendship. This was shown impressively at the big celebration for the unveiling of the “Moroccan Buddy Bear”.

The young artist Salima Abdelhak, who painted the bear, had answered the call by Villa Verte respectively the “Dialogpunkt Deutsch” in Oujda and submitted her design for the Buddy Bear. Her draft design in blue and yellow for the heaven, desert, sea and sand of her home country shows the silhouettes of Moroccan and German landmarks and uses decorative elements from Marocco in the colours of Germany.

Ute Kiefer and Kristin Peukert, managers of the Buddy Bear project, organized some exciting creative workshops around the development of the bear for which little and big inhabitants of Oujda came together at the Villa Verte. The whole international project was captured in the film “The Art of Friendship” by Mohamed Dabani, which had its premier at the unveiling ceremony.

The Moroccan-German celebration was also the delivery of the Buddy Bear to the German Embassy in Rabat, where the bear will have its home from now on. The cultural attaché, Jörg Grothjohann, received the sculpture. In the time to come the Buddy Bear shall enhance the intercultural dialogue in the Moroccan capital and become a visual ambassador for friendship and peace.

The film of ten minutes about the Buddy Bear project “The Art of Friendship” can be watched on YouTube.


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