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Buddy Bear Events

Buddy Bear Event in St. Gallen, Switzerland
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Buddy Bear Event in St. Gallen, Switzerland

The Buddy Bears Berlin rightfully enjoy great popularity worldwide. We experienced many events in cities near and far from the Berlin that attracted attention as "Art in the City". Buddy Bears were painted, for example, by local artists in the streets of the cities and stood as popular eye-catchers and photo motives in small or larger groups in the respective "open air galleries". Particularly memorable are the Buddy Bear events in Shanghai as well as in the context of the city partnership with Buenos Aires, as part of the EXPO in Bern, Shanghai and Miilan, or the exhibition of our “French” United Buddy Bear at the Louvre in Paris and the "Bearnissage" in St. Gallen, Switzerland, with the successful final auction of Buddy Bears for the benefit of a local children's aid project.

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