Montevideo 2009


The United Buddy Bears in Montevideo

17th Exhibition

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After an amazing exhibition of the United Buddy Bears in Buenos Aires a short journey across the Rio de la Plata followed.
On the Plaza Independencia the 17th exhibition of the unifying project of the United Buddy Bears was opened by Uruguay’s president, Dr. Tabaré Vázquez .

They stay in the wunderful city of Montevideo for five weeks.

Pictures of the United Buddy Bears in Montevideo

Setup on the Plaza Independencia

The circle of the United Buddy Bears arrived on the Plaza Independencia.

Already after the first bears were placed on the square visitors came along to see the 140 United Buddy Bears and experience the first hours of the upcoming exhibition.

Ceremonial Opening on the Plaza Independencia

On Monday, 11th May 2009, the circle of United Buddy Bears was inaugurated at 5.30 pm (local time) in the course of a festive ceremony by the President of Uruguay, Dr Tabaré Vázquez, the Mayor of Montevideo, Dr Ricardo Ehrlich and the German Ambassador, Graf von Waldersee.

The initiators of the exhibition, Eva and Klaus Herlitz, had travelled to Montevideo to attend the inauguration. Both were particularly delighted about the great interest in the exhibition from day 1:

“The atmosphere on Plaza Independencia is fantastic. Everybody is highly delighted about the Buddy Bear’s visit to Montevideo and there is an immediate sense that the Uruguayans have taken the bears to their hearts. We are happy to see how this aspect of Berlin keeps inspiring people all over the world – be it in China, Israel, Egypt, North Korea or now in South America.“

Partners & Sponsors

The exhibition owes its origin and the possibility to be visited all over the world completely free of charge to the committed work of many institutions, organisations, administrative bodies, companies and individuals.

The second exhibition on the American continent is one further important step on the world tour of the United Buddy Bears. For their support in Montevideo, we would like to thank:

United Buddy Bears Sponsors in Montevideo 2009