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Message of greeting by the Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit. 04.12.2004

On their journey around the globe, the Buddy Bears stop over in our partner town at the Bosporus. Berlin sends its regards to Istanbul.

These bear sculptures of the circle of “United Buddy Bears” – over 120 in total – painted by artists from all over the world, are more than just a colourful, tangible piece of Berlin. They also express the people’s longing for freedom and international understanding. They promote peace and tolerance.

This is a message sent into the world from Berlin. And it is the message of a city where people from many parts of this world are living together in peaceful coexistence – a city which is closely linked to Turkey. Around 160,000 Berliner have Turkish roots and have established a lively community.

I am glad that the presence of the Buddy Bears represents Berlin in Istanbul. During their journey round the world they have turned into “ambassadors“ for Berlin.

I would like to thank the artists that have designed the bears and all the people in Istanbul who actively support the partnership between our two cities. I would like to express my special thanks to the initiators of the project, who not only managed to turn the Buddy Bears into friendly ambassadors for the German capital. They have also contributed significantly to helping children in need all over the world. Whoever falls for the charm of these artistically designed sculptures and buys one of the Buddy Bears at an auction supports Unicef and other organisations in aid of children in need.

I would like to wish the people of Istanbul happy, but also contemplative moments with the Berlin Buddy Bears.


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