Buenos Aires 2009


The United Buddy Bears in Buenos Aires

16th Exhibition

Información en español

Since 2002 the United Buddy Bears had been traveled to 4 continents. Now they are proud of having a visit on the fifth, the American continent. From the 5th March till 19th April of 2009 the circle of the United Buddy Bears was presented on the Plaza San Martin in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Patronages were the city council of Buenos Aires, and Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Pictures of the Exhibition on the Plaza San Martin

Setting up the Exhibtion

On Tuesday March 3rd DB Schenker began to prepare everything for the exhibition of the United Buddy Bears on the Plaza San Martin in Buenos Aires.
Already the next night the circle of the United Buddy Bears was set up so that the exhibition could be opened ceremonially on March 5th 2009 at 6pm (local time).

Many thanks to the team of DB Schenker!


The Ceremonial Opening

On March 5th 2009 at 6.00 pm the exhibition of the United Buddy Bears was opened ceremonially. Next to the initiators Eva and Klaus Herlitz the mayor of Buenos Aires, Mr Mauricio Macri, Roland Schäfer (German Embassy), Mr Hernán Lombardi (Minister of culture) as well as representatives of the sponsors Hamburg Sued, DB Schenker and Allianz were among the over 1.000 guests.

There were a lot of hearty words during the ceremony and the new Argentinean bear was presented officially. The philharmonic orchestra "Banda Sinfónica de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires" and some tango dancer and musicians arrange a very exhilarate and ceremonial atmosphere.

A lot of Argentines and their guests already have visited the bears during the first day of the exhibition.

Please read the Messages of Greeting by the Foreign Minister of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier (in Spanish), by the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit (in Spanish)as well as by the Argentine Ambassador, Guillermo Nielsen (in Spanish).


Dismantling of the United Buddy Bears

After the Minister for Cultural Affairs, Hernán Lombardi, had given the United Buddy Bears their official farewell on behalf of Buenos Aires on 19th April 2009, the circle was dismantled on 20th and 21st April 2009.

The city can look back on a successful exhibition period of 7 weeks with many events, unforgettable moments and hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic visitors.

For more photos visit the website of Doris Rieck...


Partners & Sponsors

The exhibition owes its origin and the possibility to be visited all over the world completely free of charge to the committed work of many institutions, organisations, administrative bodies, companies and individuals.

The first exhibition on the American continent is one further important step on the world tour of the United Buddy Bears. For their support in Buenos Aires, we would like to thank:


United Buddy Bears Sponsors in Buenos Aires