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Message of Greeting from Joschka Fischer, Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs. 20.06.2002

I think it is an excellent idea to involve the bears in the campaign for tolerance and understanding. Every country has its own culture, its own style and its own expression. When one view them all together in their circle they are both an impressive work of art and a symbol of the cultural diversity of our one world, a world which is made more than just the sum of its parts by peaceful coexistence.

The Message of greeting by the Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit. 20.06.2002

People from more than one hundred states which are represented by an embassy live in our capital Berlin. Each of these countries is represented by a Buddy Bear, all of them standing in upright position, hand in hand, all on a par. They are a symbol of the city’s cosmopolitan attitude and its international character, but they also stand for the traditional heraldic animal of Berlin. Each one of these 125 bears has been designed individually by an artist. Similarly, every person living in Berlin may maintain their individual characteristics and cultural identity provided they stand firmly and unconditionally on the ground of the German Constitution and accept the core values of our society.

Naturally, the Buddy Bears are displayed at a prominent location, in an open-air gallery, not far from Brandenburg Gate. And this is where they belong, into “Berlins parlour”, as a symbol of the city and its international relations.


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