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UNITED BUDDY BEARS SHOW - Tierpark Berlin 2020


expand Artist: Samko Rotizo
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The artist explains his artwork as follows: The artwork displayed on the bear is the contemporary nigerian art to depict Nigeria. Nigeria is a country with a deep, rich and diverse culture.  She also has a true and dynamic long standing history. The artwork displayed on the bear weaves into focus the three major ethnic groups which make up the beautiful country of Nigeria. Displayed on the front of the bear are the three dominant tribes, namely the Yoruba, Hausa and the Igbo tribes.  In placing them on the bear I want to focus on the people of Nigeria and their ability to show their capacity for unity and tolerance.  The pronounced green color used is representative of Nigeria’s lush and abundant green land.  Nigeria’s agriculture is one that attracts the world community.  Some of the landscapes and forests at this present time are being affected by modern times and climate change which is making the lush land of Nigeria vulnerable.  This vulnerability puts its land and resources in a place of destruction.  This is one of the biggest threats to Nigeria’s sustainable and beautiful landscape.  The development of Nigeria and its’ sustainability is being challenged – and the effects are felt worldwide.  The upward position of the bears hands is a true view of the freedoms the Nigerian people enjoy.  All in all, we are halting war and hate and ushering in peace.  

Lastly, the Nigerian bear and its designs symbolize unity, tolerance, peace and love.  The diverseness of the Nigerian people and their acceptance of each other differences is setting the example and showing the world how beautiful acceptance is.

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