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UNITED BUDDY BEARS SHOW - Tierpark Berlin 2020


expand Artist: Jabavu Choka
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The bear is a voyage of discovery. At first you meet Africa. The cradle of mankind – of all the people - shining with love. A love that burns throughout the ages, the true heart of Africa. Africa - our home, our mother, our teacher.
So your first impression of Malawi is on the back of the bear, where the warm heart glows with love. The hands painted with Malawi colours welcome you.

Bears name: MWALANDILIDAWA – You are most welcome.

“In my art I express my spirituality and the suffering of the people of our world. To show my art is to make people aware of this tragedy. We have the opportunity to correct wrongs and become humble and aware of our beautiful planet. There is only one Earth”.

Jabavu Choka

Sponsor: Buddy Bär Berlin GmbH

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