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UNITED BUDDY BEARS SHOW - Tierpark Berlin 2020

North Korea

expand Artist: Chang Bok Rim + Ik Hyon Kim
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The North Korean bear shows a reunited Korean landscape, thus expressing the desire for reunification. The overall design also reflects the beauty of the country and a happy life of the Korean nation.
The top part of the bear shows the Paektu Mountain in the North of Korea, whereas the bottom part shows the Hallasan Mountain in South Korea. Joining the two mountains symbolises the unity of the Korean people.
In the background, the Diamond Mountains again emphasise the beauty of the Korean peninsula. 8 fairies are painted in front of the mountains, sliding down to earth on a rainbow with their musical instruments in order to bathe in the clear waters of the Diamond Mountains.
The artistic realisation follows the traditional Korean style of painting. With their bear, both artists would like to contribute to peace and understanding among all nations.

Sponsor: Embassy of North Korea, Berlin

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