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UNITED BUDDY BEARS SHOW - Tierpark Berlin 2020


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Famous for his vibrant colours, Garifuna artist and musician Pen Cayetano captures Belize’s tropical weather with panoramic views, swaying palm trees, islands and beaches.
The beautiful flora and fauna shows the 1000-feet waterfall, the green Maya mountains with macaw parrots, the Caribbean Sea featuring the famous Blue hole and the marine life.
The bear’s head is in the clouds in the always changing sky with various birds. The bear’s feet are in the sea and depicting the colours of the Belize National flag. The many archaeological sites like Altun Ha, Lamanai or Caracol of the ancient Mayas are giants of the past and a major tourist attraction.
The Garifuna people arrived paddling on canoes to the shores in 1823. The drum stands for their strong African roots and culture.
The turtle shells are the emblem for the Punta Rock music which was created by Pen Cayetano and the Turtle Shell Band in the early eighties.
The Belize Buddy Bear invites the viewers to come and visit this small beautiful country with its diverse culture, landscapes and friendly people.

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