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UNITED BUDDY BEARS SHOW - Kuala Lumpur 2011/2012


expand Artist: Christina Papakyriakou
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The history of the island documented by people in different ways was the starting-point for my plan to give the bear a purely Cypriot character. I painted the bear with motifs inspired by vessels and statues from important epochs of the island.
On the front, I painted a cross-shaped womanfs figure from the Copper Age that has exceptionally high artistic value. The grey-green colour makes this first evidence of sculpturing on Cyprus particularly valuable.
The same thought was behind my design of the back, showing vessels and amphorae in detail. The decorative element in the middle of the bear (dance scene) can be found on the HUBBARD amphora that belongs to the archaic epoch and is the first and most important of its kind. Many more ornamental motifs of similar origin – symbols and milestones of Cypriot art and history - can be seen in the overall painting.
The colours I use are the colours of Cyprus: light blue (the sea, the clear blue sky), yellow (the sun, light, cornfields), and earth-coloured (the Cypriot earth).
Christina Papakyriakou

Sponsor: Botschaft der Republik Zypern

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