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Congo, Republic

expand Artist: Simon N' Sondé
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The bear shows a journey through the world of the Congo with its colours and history, and is, at the same time, an introduction to a world without boundaries between the living and the dead. The depiction on the bear consists of the four colours symbolic of the Congo: white, grey, black and red.
White signifies the mind, the invisible and medicine. Black is for injustice. Grey is for the family, for the home and for the healing power which dwells inside it. The colour red symbolizes power, challenge and contact with one's ancestors.
On the back right leg, one can see the emblem of the large Kingdom of Congo, which consists of four parts. The heart of the Kingdom was called "Zita dya nzo". Above the African map, there is a sun which serves as a reminder of the Diaspora of this people. Parts of the community can be found to this very day in South America, the Carribbean and in Europe.
The "Ganga tchi ba", to the right of the flag, is a further medium between the visible and invisible. He possesses the ability to heal, as well as to dispense justice. The meticulous depiction of the healing ceremony (Nkissi) is to emphasize its importance.
Simon N'Sondé
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