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United States

expand Artist: Bill C. Ray (and Julian Ray)
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Of all the symbols usually associated with the USA, the Statue of Liberty represents a concept with which people everywhere in the world can identify. Neither the American flag, America's historical heroes, nor any of its other myths or monuments can transcend politics, borders, and nationalities as "Liberty" can.

Giving form to the most dignified of the old European values, the original statue was presented by France as a gift to the USA. Since then, she has been warmly embraced by succeeding generations of Americans and has come to symbolize the best that the United States has to offer.

Hopefully, this bear "Libärty" can stimulate visual associations and remind us of the connections between Berlin, the USA, the statue in New York harbour - and above all what she stands for.

Bill C. Ray and Julian Ray

Sponsor: American Embassy, Berlin

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