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“A bird of prey, a wildcat, modern water ornaments or simply a fantasy figure? The ornitomorphous illustration of a flying creature with catlike features was originally carved in stone and has its source in the former Chavin culture of Peru

(800-500 B.C.). It represents a deity in its entirety, with its origins in nature and mythology.

This motif was the inspiration for the surface design of the Peruvian Buddy Bear, because it provides an overview of what Peru has to offer in terms of culture, geography, society and politics – a holistic vision of different forces. The open wings describe an active attitude. They simultaneously define and protect their cosmic environment. The ever open view towards the past and also to the future describes my realisation of the graphic model:

I have always worked with the same basic motif, using varying details and enlargements projected on top of each other in order to create a lively collage that generates the new graphic panorama, symbolising the modernity and openness of today’s Peru."

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