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My bear: painted with golden, blue and white cumulus clouds as a symbol of the Albanian people's love for their fellow people; crowned with deeds from our times: "Mother Teresa - she shows us the right way!"
The Illyrians, the ancestors of the Albanians, invented the wheel approximately 5300 years ago. I used the original Illyrian-Albanian idea of the architectural circle in its concrete and abstract meaning. Such a circle should be "built" in any capital. The rays radiating from the circle always have a similar significance: They stand for the people, their architecture, their art of healing, their craft, their art and culture and their love for each other.
To build such an architectural circle is what the Albanian people want to do; to walk on a common path with the citizens of this world. But first of all to live in freedom, equality and fraternity with their neighbouring countries, in the Balkans and the entire world.
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