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expand Artist: Tuguldur Yondonjamts & Tsatsral Tsegmed
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Wherever we go, we always bring along our own past. This is reflected in our clothing, our national colours, and in our poetry. We are not able to understand all that we carry around with ourselves today, however. In the cities of Mongolia, only older people wear the traditional style of clothing. Yet the situation is different out in the country as well as during festive occasions.
On the middle of the coat, one can read a verse by the author and scholar Indshannasch: "I write down what happened in order to prserve it for the coming generations."
However, the Old Mongolian language is no longer understood by everyone in Mongolia.
The Mongol-flag-wearing Bear greets the onlooker by offering the Chadag - a scarflike, sky-blue silk cloth - the sign of friendship and honour.
Tuguldur Yondonjamts
Tsatsral Tsegmed

Sponsor: Konsul h.c. Dirk Pfeil, Frankfurt a.M., Konsul h.c. Henning Melchers, Bremen, Konsul h.c. Dr. Andreas Pitum, München

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