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Azerbaijan - the Land of Fire
The fire-red flames cannot harm the Buddy Bear from Azerbaijan; they are actually his elixir of life. Before Islam took hold of the houses of worship of the Azerbaijani people, it was fire which put them under its spell, captivating the fire worshippers, some of which lived in this southern land at the Caspian.
Natural gas and oil are the godfathers of fire. These fortunes still partly lie undiscovered inside the depths of the earth of Azerbaijan and below the Caspian Sea.
A look into the eyes of the Bear reveals the lust for life that the people of Azerbaijan have. They are happy, hospitable and have a great deal of "Joy de vivre".
A trip from south to north reveals the full splendour of the numerous zones of vegetation. Azerbaijan's aromatic flower gardens and the blossoming almond and pomegranate trees were to inspire one of the most famous oriental writer, Abu Mohammed Iljas Nizami, who lived in the 12th century.
Ibrahim Ehrari

Sponsor: Berliner Wasserbetriebe

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