Artist: Gustavo Pires Fernandes

* 1964 Lisbon

Lived for 13 years in Canada, where he attended the Mission Renaissance School of Fine Arts, the Plastic and Graphic Arts programme at Dawsons college and the Betty Edwards's "Drawing from the Artist within" courses in Montreal.

He returned definitely to Portugal in 1989.

He has had a total of more than 180exhibitions world-wide.



To fix the "soul" of a place forever with the Portuguese look.

Making the invisible visible.

Alfama is that kind of place. And that's where you find the Fado, guitars, women singing of their lost loves.

The rhythm of the Fado means Amalia's rhythm.

Longing, not only for the past, but, according to Teixeira Pascoaes, for the FUTURE.

In this Portuguese house you can feel the music, the heat, the spices..the longing.

And you can understand my intention: to engrave the word Portugal into the world's memory!

Gustavo Pires Fernandes

Sponsor: Botschaft der Republik Portugal