Artist: Ela Wozniewska

* 1960 in Boleslawiec/Poland

After studying art and graphic design at the Cracow Academy of Arts (1980-1983) she moved to the Federal Republic of Germany, continuing her artistic studies at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin, obtaining, in 1985, her Degree in Graphic Art.

Since moving to Spain in 1991 she has worked for publishers such as Ediciones del Prado, Mondadori and the Spanish Ministry of Culture.

In 1999, she returned to Berlin, where among other artistic projects, she is developing her pictographic language of Cryptograms.

Selected Exhibitions in Berlin, Hannover, San Sebastián, San Ángel (México), Alicante, Madrid, Boleslawiec (Polonia).



The bear sculpture painted by me stand for the richness of Polish myths, legends and symbols. With contrasting colours and forms reflecting the spectre of Polish folk history I created a "landscape" inviting the observer to linger in a romantic, playful way.

Ela Wozniewska