Artist: Pierre F. Patricio

* 1960 in Pilar, Capiz/Philippines

Already at five years of age, he took an interest in art. Although his parents realized his talent, they still sent him to the Maritime School in Iloilo City.

There too, his teachers discovered his talent. But Patricio more or less learned various techniques and styles the autodidactic way.

In 1988, he moved to Greece and learned figurative Drawing under Professor Lou Stathiou at the „American Hellenic Union“ in Athens.



The Philippine Eagle

The King of Heavens

In the forests of Davao, Philippines, every single little creature fears the world's largest eagle. Like the American eagle, the Philippines eagle is a national symbol of the Philippines' rich and tropical heritage. No wonder that this monkey-eating eagle will soon to be extinct. On the list of countries with the highest number of endangered birds, the Philippines ranks sixth. Under global threat of extinction are 75 Philippine birds, which 59 of these are not found elsewhere in the planet. The Philippine eagle belongs to one of these. It's estimated population is only about 19. It can grow 91 cm tall and its wings 200 cm wide. This eagle can weigh 6,5 kg and can live up to sixty years. This giant raptor eats small monkeys, especially the world's smallest monkey (Tarsier, 10 cm). A pair of eagles can have a territory of 100 The reasons for the decline of this creature is the deforestation in the country. According to theories, the entire forest kingdom of this developing nation might be wiped out in 2050. The economy of the Philippines depends on light industry and the demand of wood of its trading partners Japan and USA is very high.

Pierre F. Patricio

Sponsor: Botschaft der Philippinen