Artist: José del Carmen Pérez

José del Carmen Pérez was born in Guraré, Panama. He obtained his degree as an engineer in Monterrey, Mexico, but discovered his passion for art early on. His paintings are concrete, with a theme that invites the observer to come to his own conclusions from his or her point of view.

His strife for the Latin American identity is reflected in his works over the last twenty years. Nowadays is art is more autobiographic and influenced by his personal experiences in connection with his internal and his external environment.



Berlin, federal state and capital of Germany, is similar to Panama as an international melting pot. Only one look is enough to find out that Berlin loves variety: with its zoo, its parks, its boulevard, the "Ku'damm", where people speak in all languages and where you can feel respect for human dignity.

I've designed Berlin's emblem, the bear, like a bear that protects this variety. An animal that protects the most important thing that exists on this planet: Life in its different forms and nature.

You can see flora and fauna on the bear, the sea, the sky and mankind in its entirety, represented by a woman, "Eva", as the symbol for fertility.

A genetic link is growing like a link between the different forms of life and thus connects us.

José del Carmen Pérez