Artist: Aniama Kenneth Dazaa

Allround artist:

Song writer, dancer, script writer.


The word OMEKAGU in Nigerian language (Igbo) means Brave Man or Woman. OMEKAGU has two roles to play: a dancer and a warrior.

I used my bear to remind us of the origin (ROOTS) of Cultur and Tradition (Identity) of Nigeria in particular and Africa in general. Cultur and Tradition is the only thing that unifies us, but has been more and more forgotten by today's people. Are you aware that the way to the Garden of Eden is not easy to trace anymore!

My bear represents Unity, which is shown by the mixed colours. It represents Peace, which comes through its dances and dramas. It portrays freedom and liberty obtained through braveness. And it teaches love through respect, tolerance and understanding.

The face shows braveness. The hip is the NWIGBA. On the belly, there is the OFO (rightside) and the sword and AKPAGWU (leftside). On the backside, there is the UGBOATA.

Finally, my Nigerian Bear OMEKAGU preaches the power of UNITY through music, which is mightier than weapons.

Aniama Kenneth Dazaa

Sponsor: Botschaft der Bundesrepublik Nigeria