Artist: Gizz Farrell

Born: 02. November 1963 Windhoek/Namibia

1981: Fashion Design at the College in Cape Town

Since 1982: Producer of individual Hand-crafted Pieces of Art

(Mussel necklaces, fashion jewellery, silver jewellery as well as glasconstructions, painting on glass, batik, candles and woodwork)

Since 1989: in Berlin continuing the autodidactic education, e.g. in

carving, linoprinting on textiles and paper, painting on

paper and walls, Tiffany, papermache-sculptures. Designing and making of clothes. Recent emphasis on leather (shoes and clothing).

Since 2002: Building of the Artworkshop and Galerie on the Island Eiswerder in Spandau.


To me Namibia is a unique and fascinating country, simply out of this World?

The combination of the desert and the drought, and yet the incredible variety of fauna and flora, combined with tranquillity ......... this gives me zest for life!

I don`t however only want to portray the beautiful side of this land, but also emphasise certain problems, such as aids and the extinction of animals and plant life. Past traditions on how to care for and live with nature have long been forgotten! All this is detrimental to our earth ....... and why? Only through the egoistic desires of humans!!

I hope that every single persons that visits Namibia will make this decision, to take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints!?

Save the Bushman, Save the Rhino, Save the World !

Gizz Farrell

Sponsor: Berlinwasser International AG