Artist: Oumar Kamara

* 1963 Mali

1989 Doctor of Archeology

1985 Academy of Arts Leningrad (Master of Arts / Archeology)



The bear reminds us of the culture of the "Dogon". The Dogon have been accepted as part of the UNESCO World National Heritage because of their strong sense of awareness of their own tradition and spirituality. The Dogon have fostered their culture over many centuries - some graves that were found in caves date back to the 11th century. A central aspect of the Dogon culture is the Toguna, the central theme for the design of my bear. The Toguna is the centre of every Dogon village, as its town hall - built deliberately low - it prevents the angry flaring up of arguments during the men's discussions.

On the bear's arms I've painted the Kanaga watching the world. He was the first "Dogon".

The signs on the bear's side symbolise fertility, resurrection, humanity, etc.

On its feet you can see the "Cauris" which were used as exchange goods in the old days and here also stand for understanding between the people.

Oumar Kamara

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