Artist: Tiheli Mosebo

*1988 Maseru, Lesotho
1994-98: Iketsetseng Private School
1998-2001: International School of Geneva
Then Berlin British School


The Lesotho Bear gives a true picture of the Kingdom in the Sky. Its exquisite mountains, rivers and a Mosotho man on horseback, wearing the National Dress, a blanket (kobo) and Basotho Hat (Mokorotlo), portrays the true colours of the Basotho nation.

The colours White symbolises Peace (Khotso), Blue-Rain (Pula) and the Green-Prosperity (Nala). All these colours represent the national motto in the Mountain Kingdom - Khotso, Pula, Nala.

As seen on the bear the Basotho people are unique with their traditional attire and all these trends are the reason why you can never mistake a Mosotho from other nations.

Tiheli Mosebo

Sponsor: Ulrike und Michael Radmer, Berlin