Artist: Thuraya Al-Baqsami

*1952, Kuwait

1972-74: College of Fine Arts in Cairo

1981: Master's Degree, Arts Institute of Surikov Moscow

Since 1970: Journalist and Illustrator of Kuwaiti magazines and newspapers

1989: Received the "Golden Palm Leaf" from the GCC Biennial in Saudi Arabia

1992: Received the "Golden Palm Leaf" from the GCC in Qatar

1997: State award for children's literature in Kuwait
Awards since 2001: award from the European Union for Art, Prague

Award of Franz Kafka for literature and art, Berlin

“World Prize of Salvador Dali” by the Alliance Salvador Dali International, Spain

Award in literature from the Almadina Culture Society, Madrid

European Award for the support of Arts and Creative Activities, Prague
41 international personal exhibitions


When I was working on my bear, the war in Iraq had just finished. As I was very relieved about that I used cheerful colours to paint my bear. I'm dreaming of peace for all the people of this world.

The palm tree on the bear's belly symbolises kindness. I've generally used many symbols and show the observer a nostalgic view of Kuwait. I got inspired by the beauty of the Arabic heritage: By its masterful craft, its art of weaving, the many Arabic legends and, not least, by the beauty of the Arabian desert.

Thuraya Al-Baqsami

Sponsor: Botschaft des Staates Kuwait