Artist: Ira Asmanowa

*1965, Jordan
Ira Asmanowa has lived several years in Bulgaria. Since 1972 she has been living in Berlin. She had two different professions, but her great passion will always be the arts. Her maxim: "Face your fellow men openly and keep your sense of humour."



On the bear's front you can see the blue Iris, Jordan's national flower. In the centre you get a view into the rock fortress Petra (Betra, the city of the Nabateans). It was built approximately in 200 BC. Here you can see the huge tomb house "Ed Deir". In the Greek-Roman epoch from 323 BC to 337 AD the cultures melted together according to Hellenic rules. This is reflected in the architecture and the many Gods.

On the left is the cross with the snake on Mount Nebo. On the bottom right you can see a part of Jerash, one of the best preserved antique cities.

On the back there is an image of the Syrian God Hadad. He is equivalent to Zeus, the God of Khirbet et Tannur.

Underneath is a picture of the most beautiful mosque in Amman. On the left are the stars Castor and Pollux - the twins; on the right there is one of 32 clay gypsum figurines that were found in Ain Ghazal. The city was built in the Neolithic Age (7250 BC). It's proven to be one of the oldest reproduction of humans that have ever been found.

Ira Asmanowa

Sponsor: Botschaft des Haschemitischen Königreichs Jordanien