Artist: Leyla Mahat

Laureate of the Premium of the European Guild of Arts
Honorary member of the Masarik Academy of Arts (Prague)
Member of the International Association of Writers, PEN
1980-1984: Alma-Ata State Art School
1985-1987: Alma-Ata Art Studio
1987-1989 Alma-Ata State Theatre and Academy of Fine Arts
1989-1991: Repin Art Academy (St. Petersburg) - Course of G.I. Suzdalevich
Her paintings are held in many private and public collections in Turkey, Germany, Kazakhstan, Netherlands and England.


Strange people travel across this land with their homes and their cattle. Caravans with strangers and their wares come by. The most impassable roads in the world. The wildest rivers in the world. The steppe filled with stones, with characters engraved thousands of years ago. Birds gliding through the air spreading their wings for hours. The horses gallop faster than the wind here going without water for days on end. This is the land of the great ghosts – talking to me and to the wind. Should I miss that? How could I not be here?

Leyla Mahat

Sponsor: Botschaft der Republik Kasachstan