Artist: Giò Di Sera

*1964 Castellammare di Stabia, Naples (Italy)
1987: Founded the Istituto Napoletano di Cultura in Cologne together with Al Hansen
1995: Founded the Vulcano Art Factory, Berlin
1996: Start of the project BERLINAPOLI as a multimedia exchange programme for young artists from Berlin and Naples
2006: Foundation of the "STREETUNIVERCITY", he is president and artistic head of the project.
2009: Winner of the “Freiherr-vom-Stein-Preis 2009“ for society innovation in Germany
Exhibitions since 1987: Berlin, Naples, Oaxaxa (Mexico), New York, Biennale Venice, Documenta in Kassel, Hamburg, Milan, Sydney



When painting and working on my bear I've combined different elements and contrasts, as well aesthetically as in terms of content.

If you look at the bear from afar you see a sea of radiant colours. In an abstract, expressionist way all the colours that I've been carrying inside me since my childhood are covering the bear in abstract patterns. My bear is wearing a Pulcinella mask, its body, however, is colourful like a harlekin's costume.

Local symbols from the Commedia dell'Arte have been mixed together, contrasts between North and South Italy combined.

The logo of the Di Sera Media, the heart with the coordinate system makes this even more obvious because it's my seal for universal love and peace.

That's why it's in its central location on the pizza on the bear's belly.

Together with the other bears from all over the world the Italian bear is not least an ambassador. The bears are a symbol of diplomacy and a global peaceful and respectful understanding. According to the motto: "Act locally and think globally!"

Giò Di Sera

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