Artist: Mirka Raito

Born: 1975 in Helsinki/Finnland

1991-1994 Highschool of Fine Arts Helsinki

1995–1996 School of art and communication, Tampere

1996–2000 Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki

2000 Facultad de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain


Helsinki, Berlin, Alcala de Henares (Spain), Hamburg, Vienna



Almost one year ago I moved to the other side of the Baltic Sea, from Helsinki to Hamburg.

I always travelled a lot and stayed long times abroad. But for the first time I am building up new home and life in a new country. Now I am a foreigner and facing my national identity from another point of view and it makes me proud of my origins in another way. At the moment my Finnish feelings and habits are a treasure for me to take care of and to show to other people.

I painted the Buddy-bear now for a second time and a lot have happened between the first and the second bear. Even in happiest moment I found a longing in me. It is not sadness but further supporting melancholy.

Home country is far away - midsummer was nearby. It was comforting to tell stories and fairy tales, to use fantasy and joyfull colours. For painting I used my privat photos and other pictures which had a Finnish soul. My paintings on the bear are named "Midsummer mystery" They tell about short summer, bright nights, romantic melancholy, nature and magic. Those stories happens somewhere in the countryside, girls waiting their dance-partners and the midsummer fire is burning.

I allways dream to be a good narrator and bad liar.

I dedicated my bear for children and for the things ILm longing.

Mirka Raito

Sponsor: Orco