Artist: René Chacón (1960-2016)

1977: Scholarship from the OAS (arts& craft)in Cuenta, Ecuador

1979/80: Scholorship for studies of classical art in Florence

1993/95/97: Participation at the Biennale of Venice, Italy

Since 1998: Study trips through Central America and Europe


1974-78: Active in many Galleries in San Salvador and La Palma

1986: Istituto Italo Latino Americano, Rome 1994: Festival Latinoamericano, Rome

1995: Bawag - Foundation, Vienna; German-Italian Cultural Institute, Venice

Since 1996, Exhibitions included: Ingolstadt, Köln, Munich, Venice, Guatemala City, Berlin.


"The Jaguar Bear" or "The Fascination of Metamorphosis"

In 2002 I transformed my first "United Buddy Bear" completely into a jaguar. Thus it obtained a certain authentic wildness still typical of the jaguar.

Starting with the Olmecs, the jaguar was worshipped as a God in the Central American countries and cultures, including the Maya and the Pipiles. He was fiery and was mystified because of its immense strength and fascination. The transformation from jaguar to human being - human being into jaguar remained a privilege of some priests. Nowadays man has become a threat for the jaguar and it seems to have been bereft of its strength. For me, however, the fascination remains alive.

Therefore in 2003 I continue the methamorphosis with the second jaguar bear: The bear's head changes into a jaguar bear with a firm expression and wildness. On the front, one half is the portrait of a Salvadorian, and the other half is the jaguar's head who is lying in wait. On the back a lifesize contemporary Salvadorian man wearing jeans. His eyes are looking up into the future, his left hand is opened. In the right hand he's carrying a symbol of the past: a "sceptre", a "pedernal excéntrico" from San Andrés that was found in the Extremadura: a symbol of power. On the chest another Maya symbol. A Salvadorian: with more strength in his roots, open for the future - that's what I wish for.

René Chacón

Sponsor: Honorarkonsul Karlheinz Wolfgang, Vorsitzender VIPE, Honorargeneralkonsul Oskar Deutsch, Honorarkonsulin Christa Brigitte Gütermann, Honorarkonsul Bernhard J. Benecke, Honorarkonsul Jeki Levi