Artist: Zemede Tekle Woldetatios

*1948 Asmara, Eritrea
1972 - 1975: University in Architecture
1993 - 1995: Head, Dep. of Culture in the Ministry of Information and Culture
2001 – 2005: Ambassador of the State of Eritrea in Berlin
Since 2005: Ambassador of the State of Eritrea in Italy.


With approximately 4 million inhabitants Eritrea has 9 different ethnic groups. That's why the bear is decorated from head to toe with colours, jewellery and design of the different national costumes. You can see a ring through the bear's nose which the women in the Lowlands of Eritrea wear. This shows that a woman is married and has to be treated with the appropriate respect.

On the neck of the bear you can see Eritrea's flag. The camel as the national coat of arms is painted on the bear's belly. The unique character of the camel, patience, endurance, perseverance and persistence plus its role as an indispensable means of transport during the 30-year war of independence in Eritrea were the reasons for choosing the camel for the national coat of arms.

The camels are framed by a blue ribbon which symbolises the 1000 km long coast of Eritrea and the treasures of the Red Sea.

The bear's back shows the map of Africa with an olive branch as a sign of the Eritreans' strong desire for peace.

Zemede Tekle Woldetatios

Sponsor: Embassy of Eritrea, Berlin