Artist: Amnah Al-Nassiri

Born in Rada’a – Yemen

Master Degree (excellent with Honours) of Art Critic

Former chief editor of an Artistic Newspaper

Works as a lecturer and as an Art Critic Writer for Yemeni and Arabic Newspapers and journals

Member of the International Association of Art (IAA-AIAP)

Group and Solo Exhibition in Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, Amman, Kuwait, Netherlands, France, Britain and Russia



The clothes of the Yemeni women varies depending on the various regions in Yemen and the environment they come from. Thus women coming from the mountains wear different clothes to women coming from the valleys, the seaports or the deserts.

Women's clothes in Yemen is rich in ornaments with a symbolic character, which issue from their faith and arts, Islamic and Non-Islamic.

Moreover the clothes conjuncts different sorts of ornaments based on the models of endemic crafts like architecture, jewellery making and many more. Their details resemble the ornaments in womenfs clothes.

This way the beauty of their clothes becomes of part of the entire beauty of their environs. They wish them to integrate in the general harmony, which unifies the numerous arts in Yemen.

Amnah Al-Nassiri

Sponsor: Botschaft der Republik Jemen