Artist: David Inniss

* 1974 in Barbados

Studies include: Fine Art, technichal drawing, metal work, history and english.

Began painting at five years of age. 22 years of experience working in art. Some tutoring and mentoring experience. Did work for the Barbados Tourist Board (London), Tower Hamlet Council, Brent Council Mural Project, British Library family project making models, in addition to making portraits, figure drawing and sculpture.


The bear is a representation of Barbados, physically and spiritually, from the foundation to the heavens, portraying some of the social and economical factors in Barbados. Barbadians love food and night life, and these aspects of Bajan culture are pictured in the bear.: from the limestone which is the foundation of Barbados, to the moonlit nights, which are all captured in vibrant colours. The front of the bear shows the love and warmth of the Bajan (woman) people and reaches out to all humanity.

David Inniss

Sponsor: Barbados Tourism Authority