Artist: Ona Paliukiené

* in Utena/Lithuania

1967-70: School of Applied Arts in Kaunas

1974-79: University of Lithuania (Academy of Art)

She is a member of the Painters Association in Lithuania and also of the Artists' Association of the Klaipèda Circle.


A bear in Berlin under the Lithuanian flag - is that possible?

My mind wanders, the typical colours in the fields emerge, flowers, leaves and trees come to mind, just as I have always experienced nature since early childhood. And hidden away in this picture there are letters as symbols of people who I came across at some stage in my life. Signs between rocks directly on the coast, along the shores of the lakes, or even high up in the skies, shrouded by clouds. The little things in life are those from which my horizon in Lithuania has evolved and also those which distinguish my country from others.

Ona Paliukiené

Sponsor: Honorarkonsul der Rep. Litauen, Hans Friedrich Saure