Artist: Kaspars Zarins

* 1962 in Riga

1973–1980 – Attended the J. Rozentals Art School, Riga 1980–1986 - Majored in Painting at the Latvian Academy of Arts, Prof. I. Zarins Master Class 1987 - Joined the Artists’ Union of Latvia 1993 - Joined the International Association of the Arsenals Art Museum.

Represented for example in the Collection of the Artists’ Union of Latvia and in the Collection of the Art Fund in Moscow as well as in several private collections worldwide.



The idea of my bear is to show happiness and optimistic feelings. What should come out of my painting is also the feeling of wind and the smell of poppies. The colours of the sea and the sky, the sand and the poppies create a feeling of happiness.

Kaspars Zarins

Sponsor: Botschaft der Republik Lettland