Artist: Katrin Koskaru

* 1977 in Tartu, Estonia


2005 Finishes her studies at the Estonian Academy of Art (Painting)

2004 “Margaret Kevendi Grant”

2005 “Young Graduate Grant”

2002–2005 Estonian Academy of Art (Painting)

1998–2002 Tartu Art College, grant


Since 2003, she has had various exhibitions in Estonia.



For the design of my bear, I thought about traditional Estonian songs and dances. Every five years, there is a song- and dance festival reminiscent of Estonian patriotism.

It is a great festival of Estonian popular culture, filled with ancient patriotic folk songs and dances.

However, I did not paint ordinary dancers on the bear. I chose newspaper photographs of Estonian athletes representing Estonian willpower as models for my work. I removed the normal sports equipment from the athletes and placed them on a large football pitch. Instead of characteristic goals, landmarks of the square – still the venue of this festival - are on both sides. The small stripes on the bear are reference to Estonian national costumes.

In 2009, the 25th song festival and the 18th dance festival will take place. Smaller folk festivals with singing and dancing take place all over Estonia every year.

Katrin Koskaru

Sponsor: Botschaft der Republik Estland