Trinidad and Tobago

Artist: Richard M. Martinez

* 1957 in Trinidad, Trinidad & Tobago

After being educated in London he returned to his homeland, where he pursued a career in advertising in the field of graphic design. He gained experience as a graphic designer, assistant art director, text book illustrator and carnival designer.

He adjudicated twice for annual nationwide painting competition.



Our main export and wealth is petroleum and gas, the foundation of our country which is depicted at the feet of the bear. The red black and white stripes are our national colours.

I painted football shorts to commemorate our first involvement in the world cup. The hexagons adjacent to the shorts are abstract symbols to represent the ball used in football.

The torso shows our northern range mountains in the backdrop with a woman in masquerade on the right and the national instrument - the steel pan - on the left-hand side. Trinidad & Tobago is very well known for its carnival and steel band music.

The back has a large female reveller in ecstasy during our famous carnival.

The head is clad in the national flag for easy recognition to any national who may view this exhibition.

Richard Martinez

Sponsor: Embassy of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago