Artist: Dolgor Ser-Od

*1973, Ulan Bator, Mongolia



Dolgor Ser-Od is a Mongolian painter living in Germany.

In 1992 Dolgor Ser-Od graduated from Art College in her hometown and subsequently studied traditional painting and drawing at the "Soyol" College, Ulan Bator. In 2005, she graduated from Fine Art University in Mongolia's capital city. Ser-Od is a member of the Union of Mongolian Artists (UMA). Since 2008, the artist has been living in Berlin, Germany.

Throughout her career, Dolgor Ser-Od has exhibited her works in numerous solo and group exhibitions worldwide; including Berlin, Germany; Jeju and Gongju, Korea; Vilnius, Lithuania; Sofia, Bulgaria; Kerava, Finland; Folkestone, England; Nakanojo, Japan, and Port au Prince, Haiti.

In 2014, Dolgor Ser-Od designed a Buddy Bear commissioned by the Mongolian Embassy in Berlin. In 2021, a Buddy Bear she created has become the official representative of Mongolia in the international exhibition of "United Buddy Bears - The Art of Tolerance".



As an artist, I am fascinated by the process and the possibility of creating a work without a beginning or an end and letting the painting flow in the three-dimensional space. I worked on the sculpture in the period from 2019 to 2021 and I am very satisfied with the result. This work allowed me to visualize my idea of the Mongolian landscape and nature on the bear, around the shaped sculpture., In their entirety the images combine from different perspectives to form a panopticon.

Mountains, plains, lakes and the Gobi Desert flow into each other, merge into the sky. Structures and colours appear in their beauty like jewels. Small pictures show traditional life, including a yurt, and are embedded like miniatures in the vastness of the landscape. Amidst the diverse plants, the richly blossoming cherry trees wish fertility and a good harvest.

Horses are depicted in various scenes on the Buddy Bear. They already played a decisive role in Genghis Khan's campaigns of conquest and are still important and popular farm animals in Mongolia today. The small horses serve the nomads as mounts, they provide milk for the national drink Airag and sometimes meat.

Other animals have a more symbolic meaning for me – for example, the magnificent magpie brings good news from far away, the eagle family lives long, healthy, and free. There are no turtles in Mongolia – but I love and miss them.

The car depicted, a Ford, was the first in Mongolia and represents the beginning of automobilization in the country. It was ordered by the last Bogd Khan in 1912 and delivered through the Gobi Desert via Shanghai in 1913.


The bear represents Mongolia since August 2021.