Artist: Amadou Moussa Diallo


* 1955 in Ouro-Molo, Senegal

1973-1977 Studied at the Art School in Dakar

1977-1989 work as an Art Instructor in Senegal

Living in Berlin since 1990


Since 1988 international Exhibitions in reknowned Galleries and Museums, including Galerie Etienne de Causans Paris, Galerie im Abgeordnetenhaus von Berlin, Musee d’art africain de Dakar.



I worked with the two earth colours, blue and red, which, in my view, are the colours of my country.

Blue symbolizes water. Senegal's name comes from a river. Senegal is on the Atlantic and is economically very dependent on the ocean. The rainy season lasts 3-4 months and the sky is nearly always blue.

The earthen colour red is the symbol of the steppe and savannah. The ground in Senegal is mainly flat and red. Now and then, one finds orange-coloured dunes. The bear is painted like a "totem", hence its symmetrical structure; the red-blue contrast symbolizes the rhythm of Senegal.

The three colours in the flag imply: One People, One Goal, One Belief.

The back shows the "baoab", a monkey-bread tree, the symbol of "enracinement et ouverture" which roughly means: "Each people should hold on to its culture while still remaining open to the world."

Amadou M. Diallo

Sponsor: Honorargeneralkonsulin der Republik Senegal, Frau Ute-Henriette Ohoven