Artist: Hernando León

Born 1933 in Yungay/Chile

1952 Studies of graffiti and education in arts in Santiago Chile.

He made several international exhibitions e.g. in Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany and Japan.

At the moment he is working as a painter and as a film director (animations) in Germany and Chile.



The „Collector of Views"

The bear shows an approach of the Chilean flag, red, white and a white star an a blue surface. Over the head of a child hovers a boat as a hint of adventure and the mystique boat of the isles of South Chile, the gCaleuche" A snake (Similar to a Kai-Kai Vil the mystique snake of the Mapuche, Indians from the middle and the south of Chile) surrounds the body like a sash of a farmer of the middle of Chile, boots and spores evoke the impression of a herdsman from the remotest south of Chile. The bird with the red chest is the "Lloica" a symbol of the central of Chile.

The heaven, a pre-spanish sun, an Indian musician and citations from old Indian pottery and rock carvings represent the former cultures of the north of Chile (Atacama dessert). On the right side there is the "Collector of Views" walking to a female guitar player and a black horseman, two typical figures from Nuble, an area of central Chile.

Hernando León

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