Artist: Adel Megdiche

* 1949 in Sfax, Tunesia

1970-74: Studied at the School of Fine Art in Tunis

1976-77: Active in the Cité Internationale des Art, Paris

1980-84: Stay in Morocco

Since 1991 Professor at the Institut d’Art Dramatique, Tunis

Exhibitions include:

Tunisia, Morocco, Cote d'Ivoire, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Romania and countries of the middle orient.

Openings include:

1985: Publisher Cherif fine-art „Epopée hilayenne“

1997: Publisher Dar Cheraiet „Megdiche 1974-1994“

2002: Publisher L’or du temps, Porte-folio „Megdiche“



I gave the name "Tanit" to my bear. I wanted to depict the thousand-year-old story of Carthage with the golden sign of the Tanit, once the goddess of fertility.

The olive twigs and flowers symbolize freedom and the hospitality of my country, while the traditional costume is there to show that the old handcrafted arts are still alive in Tunesia.

Adel Magdiche

Sponsor: Office du Tourisme de Tunisie